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8 Redhead Stereotypes: Are These True?

True or False?

As redheads, we’ve heard it all. There are tons of redhead stereotypes, some are true and some are just downright silly.

Today, in honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day, we are breaking some of them down! Let us know in the comments which stereotypes you’ve noticed about redheads. 

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1. Redheads are feisty

FALSE! People tend to think that because we have red hair, we must have a red hot temper. While this may be true for some redheads, we’re just like everyone else. Our hair color doesn’t determine our attitude, but be careful because sometimes ginger will snap. 

2 All redheads are Irish or Scottish

FALSE! People with red hair can be from anywhere. It’s true that the majority of the world’s redheads come from Ireland and Scotland, but not all. Redheads can be found all over the world and even in unexpected places like Israel, Spain, and Africa. 

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3. Redheads feel pain differently

TRUE! The MC1R gene that causes red hair also seems to cause a change in the way redheads feel pain. Studies have been done to show that redheads may need more anesthesia than those with other hair colors. 

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4. Redheads can’t go in the sun

FALSE! We can go in the sun just as much as anyone else can. Most of us opt not to risk sun exposure, or to cover up and use sun protection when we do. This is because we are more prone to developing skin cancer. 

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5. All redheads have freckles

FALSE! While many redheads do have freckles, not all do. Freckles are something that your body creates and some people are more genetically inclined to produce freckles. 

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6. Redheaded women are better in bed

IT’S A SECRET! There have been studies that show that redheaded women may be getting more action than their blonde and brunette counterparts. Does this mean they are better in bed? Maybe…we’ll never tell.

7. Redheaded men are nerdy

FALSE! Redheaded men are no more “nerdy” than the average man. TV likes to portray ginger men as geeks and nerds, but there are plenty of redheaded hotties out there who are movie stars, singers, athletes, and models. 

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8. Redheads are unique and rare

TRUE! Redheads make up less than 2% of the population, making them quite rare. The unique gene we carry that gives us our gorgeous hair color is not something everyone has and that makes it special.

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Rock it like a Redhead!