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7 Things to Say to Empower a Redhead

Gas Up Your Redhead Friends!

Most redheads struggle with feeling “different” at some point in their lives. When less than 2% of the population shares your hair color, it’s easy to be the only redhead in the room. This means many redheads also struggle with teasing or bullying at a young age. If you have redhead friends, empower them with these seven phrases. And, if you are a redhead, read them and know we mean them: 

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Tell a redhead…. 

1. “I love your hair color.”

Telling a redhead you love their hair color absolutely makes their day. Don’t ask if it’s their natural color, if you like it just tell them. It doesn’t matter if they are red ‘by choice’ or not. 

2. “You have great eyebrows and lashes.”

Most redheads have very light brows and transparent lashes, and they work hard to make them look great. Giving them a compliment about their brows and eye makeup is sure to put a smile on their face. 

redhead makeup


3. “Your red hair makes you look powerful.”

When you’re teased as a kid it can break down some of your self-esteem. Gas them up a little by telling them their red hair makes them look strong, powerful, or fierce. 

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4. “You have great skin!”

Most redheads try to keep out of the sunshine as much as possible. This is because we are at an increased risk for skin cancer and sun damage. One plus side redheads may have softer, less damaged skin. Give them a compliment on it. 

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5. “I love your freckles!”

Freckles are a trend now, but they haven’t always been. Instead of commenting on how many freckles someone has in a negative way, try letting them know you like them. 

6. “Your eye color is gorgeous.”

Red hair can really make your eye color pop, and redheads love being complimented on their hair and eye combo, especially if they have a more unique eye color. 

7. “I love your personality, mind or sense of humor..”

Compliments regarding our physical features are always welcome, but redheads can often be sexualized or fetishized. So don’t forget to let the redheads in your life know that you see them as more than a pretty face and great hair.

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Rock it like a Redhead!