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Carmina Alvarez

Is Dating a Redhead Exciting or… Dangerous?

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By: Carmina Alvarez

Stereotyping, in general, is never the right thing to do; but redheads do tend to stand out and follow the typical “redhead myths”: fiery, temperamental, unpredictable, opinionated… the list can go on and on!

Do men think redhead stereotypes are true? Do men find dating a redhead exciting.. or dangerous?

I took these questions to men who had dated redheads and one said, “It isn’t necessarily ‘dangerous’ to date a redhead girl, but it is definitely rare and exciting. I, and a lot of other men, love dating redheads because it is such a rare hair color.”

Another man said, And, once you date a redhead, you remember her the most out of everyone else! I definitely think redhead stereotypes apply.”

From the men I talked to, it is pretty clear that they find dating redheads exciting and recall the relationships as adventurous, especially when compared to brunettes and blondes. So, next time you want to fight off the redhead stereotypes, remember that most men find them very appealing.


And, if you’re a natural redhead who feels saddened about your color hair, remember that men (and women) adore it and immediately view you as fun, energetic, motivated and spontaneous. Remember to always portray yourself with confidence and love you red hair.

Rock it like a Redhead!