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Blondes & Brunettes: 3 Easy Ways To Pick The Perfect Shade of Red

Want to be a redhead 'by choice'? Tips for finding your perfect shade:

If you’re a natural blonde or brunette and you’re thinking about making the transition to red, keep reading. Choosing the right shade of red can make or break your experience as a redhead, so choose wisely using these handy tips!

Consider your complexion

When going red, you want to consider your complexion before choosing a shade. There are usually 6 shades of red hair. Typically the strawberry blonde, ginger, classic red and deep red shades work best on those with fair complexions. If you have especially warm-toned skin or are of a darker complexion, opt for a dark auburn, auburn or deep red shade. 

If you notice ‘by choice’ redhead celebrities, they go by the same rules. Take Emma Stone for example. She has very fair skin and usually opts for a mix between classic red and ginger.

Debra Messing actually has olive/warm-toned skin. Her red hair is usually on the dark auburn side.

Look at your natural features

Redheads come from all over the world and have a variety of features that we were born with, but as a redhead ‘by choice’, you have a unique opportunity to play up your natural features with red hair. Choose a shade of red that makes your eye color pop, compliments your natural brow color, or blends nicely with your natural color for easy grow out. 

Christina Hendricks, one of our favorite redheads ‘by choice’, has deep blue eyes and the bright red hair makes them pop even more.

Pick the perfect shade for you 

You may love a certain shade of red on someone else, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Try to find redheads (especially redhead celebrities) who share your features, or consult your stylist to find the perfect shade. Red hair is a spectrum from light to dark and there’s bound to be a color in there for you. You can even get highlights or lowlights or dimensions added to your color to customize it to your liking. 

Many find this shocking, but Amy Adams is not a natural redhead. Her hair is naturally blonde. Red hair really suits her, and she opts for a natural-looking red. We must say, it really works!

Get prepared 

Once you choose a shade, know red hair can be a lot of maintenance. Invest in color depositing shampoos/conditioner, and make sure your eyebrows complement your new look. 

Rock it like a Redhead!