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5 Ways Redheads Can Heal a Dry Flaky Scalp

Combat Dryness in Your Scalp

dry scalp

Lots of redheads suffer from sensitive scalps, and for some of us, this means we get a dry, flaky scalp from time to time. This is often caused by extreme heat or cold, dehydration, new products, or an allergic reaction. Dry scalp isn’t the same as dandruff, and you don’t have to suffer from a dry scalp so here’s how to combat it!

1. Cut out new products

Irritation can often be caused by new products. This includes new hair products like shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, and leave-in products. If your dry scalp has just occurred, remove any new products from your routine to see if that alleviates the problem. 

2. Do an oil or scalp treatment 

A dry scalp caused by weather can often be treated with an oil treatment. The oils will penetrate the scalp and help to nourish the dry skin. Note that if you’re suffering from dandruff, an oil treatment may not alleviate your dandruff. You can also try a product like Canviiy’s Scalp Foam Treatment, featured in the fall ’22 deluxe box. 

3. Try a tea tree shampoo

Tea tree is great for clearing up both dry scalp and dandruff. The properties of the oil will help to nourish the scalp while also helping to relieve any itching you may have. Make sure you either dilute the oil or use a shampoo with a pre-measured amount in it. 

4. Keep hair & body hydrated 

Like the rest of our body, the skin on your scalp can become quite dry when it’s dehydrated. Keep your scalp and body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using moisturizing products. 

5. Do a scalp scrub

You want to be careful with dry skin as not to irritate it, but a gentle exfoliating scrub can help to reduce flakes and reduce dry skin as it begins to heal. Do not try to scrub the dry skin off as you will irritate it more. 

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