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Real Redheads Review H2BAR’s Finally Glossy Shampoo

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Finally Glossy

Finally Glossy® shine and luminosity shampoo has officially hit the H2BAR store and redheads are going wild for it. Tons of redheads have already received their shipments and the reviews are rolling in. Want to know what real redheads have to say about this new shampoo? 

“I love my red hair, but it was a bit dull after the cold months. Finally Glossy to the rescue! I love all the natural ingredients in the shampoo: olive oil, coconut oil, green tea, etc. It smells great and gives me gorgeous shiny summer hair! Love it!” – Amy B.



For all my fellow redheads out there: putting you on to the magic that is @How to be a Redhead Finally Glossy Shine and Luminosity Shampoo. Shop at the 🔗 in my bio, and when you do, be sure to use code APGLOSSY10 for 10% off your purchase at checkout! #FinallyGlossy #HowtobeaRedhead

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“I feel shiny. I feel luminous. Ya’ll are seeing this right? It worked.”


I’ve gushed over this brand before, but @How to be a Redhead products boost my confidence! I use their darker mascara on my top lashes and Perfectly Auburn on my lower. (It’s a game changer!) And now, I’m building shine with the new Finally Glossy shampoo! It dropped TODAY! Use code: GABBIGLOSSY10 for 10% off. #HowtobeaRedhead #FinallyGlossy

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

“How to be a Redhead products boost my confidence! I use their darker mascara on my top lashes and Perfectly Auburn on my lower. (It’s a game-changer!) And now, I’m building shine with the new Finally Glossy® shampoo!”



Took my hair to the next level thanks to @How to be a Redhead’s #finallyglossy shampoo! 🫧👩‍🦰 Use code ANAGLOSSY10 to get 10% off! #howtobearedhead

♬ Da Girls – Ciara

“Took my hair to the next level”

“For the longest time I have spent lots of money on different shampoos for my red hair and all of them would give me a really dry scalp and dandruff for days on end. When I tried this my hair was smooth and hydrated. It was definitely worth the wait for the shampoo.!!!!!!!!!!” – Kailey P.


I feel that if golden hour were personified, she would be a redhead. Obsessed with the new @How to be a Redhead shine and luminosity shampoo (ahglossy10 saves you 10% on their site) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #finallyglossy #howtobearedhead #redhead

♬ Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller

“Unlocking my full redhead potential to welcome in summer. Obsessed with the new How to be a Redhead shine and luminosity shampoo”

“You’ve heard of shampoo for blondes. You’ve heard of shampoo for brunettes. What about us redheads?”

“This is redhead approved”

“I love the finally have products. I recently just placed my 2nd order for the finally have brows, and this time I also got finally have lashes, it work very well on my lashes as my use to long beautiful lashes are short now. But after finally have lashes guess what I finally have lashes and in red too which matches my hair. The finally have brows have always worked well for my lashes which I get alot of compliments on. So now I just took out the subscription and they will mail me a new one every 3 months I believe. So thank you for your line of finally have, and I’ll be looking for other stuff I can use from you guys.” – Toni W.

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finally glossy



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