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6 Healthy Shower Hair Habits Redheads Should Adopt ASAP

Healthy Hair is Just Around the Corner

Do you want healthy red hair? Our number one tip is to start adopting some healthy hair habits. The hair routine we follow in and out of the shower will greatly impact the health of our hair. Finding and maintaining healthy hair habits is easy if you know the right steps to take. These healthy habits will help you to get on the path to better hair. 

1. Turn down the water temperature

Heat = damage, frizz, and breakage. Limiting your heat usage on your hair isn’t just for hot tools. Overuse of hot water on your hair will leave it dry and brittle. Instead, turn the water down and watch your locks transform. 

2. Using a scalp scrubber

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Using a scalp scrubber will help to stimulate the scalp improving hair growth and helping you to maintain scalp health.

Shampoo Brush Hair Scalp Scrubber: $10

3. Invest in a second shampoo

Even if you love your daily use shampoo, it’s good to have a second one. Focus one on what your hair needs like hydration and the other on what your hair goals are, like hair growth or added shine. If you’re looking to add shine and luminosity to your red hair, try Finally Glossy.

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4. Focus your products

Focusing your hair products on the right parts of your mane is super helpful. For instance, your shampoo should be focused on the roots to cleanse and remove buildup and oils. Your conditioner should be focused on the mids to the ends of the hair to help add hydration and nourish the strands. 

5. Use a weekly hair mask

Outside of your regular washes, you want to show your hair some TLC. Get a hair mask that you can apply at least once a week to boost your red hair and have it look and feel softer than ever. 

6. Swap out your hair towel

When it comes time to dry your hair, your old terrycloth bath towels are doing more damage than good. Swap that terrycloth towel out for a microfiber hair towel that will be must more gentle and won’t cause frizz or damage.

How to be a Redhead Soft Microfiber Hair Towel

When drying your hair opt to use a microfiber towel! Introducing the How to be a Redhead Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads. Because wet hair is at its most vulnerable, this custom microfiber towel gently and carefully absorbs moisture from your red hair and dries it quickly, all while protecting it from stretching and breakage. This design is uniquely shaped to wrap all of your hair securely (no matter the length), with an elastic strap to comfortably keep things in place. Your hair journey starts here, redheads.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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