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This Is The Ideal Shower Temperature For Redhead Skin

Our redhead skin requires a certain temperature

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If you like to get in the shower and crank it up as hot as it goes, you’re not alone. A hot shower is relaxing, warming, and soothing. Did you know they say redheads can tolerate hot showers better than blondes and brunettes? It’s due to the fact that we feel less pain. 

While redheads might be able to enjoy hotter showers, it can have some serious effects on your sensitive skin. They might feel amazing at the moment, but it can lead to skin irritation, dryness, and even a breakdown of the skin’s natural barrier. 

The question is: what temperature should we actually be showering at?

Doctors recommend we actually shower at more of a “lukewarm” temperature between 98º and 101º with an absolute max of 105º. Most of us probably don’t know what temperature we shower at, but it should feel slightly warmer than your natural body temp. 

This is also why you should wait for your body to acclimate before hopping in the shower on a cold day. When your body is cold you might think the water isn’t as hot as it is and may get skin damage. If you really want to really get the temp right, try using a shower thermometer. If you have redhead babies and concerned about the water temperatures, they have great (and fun-looking) thermometers for baths, too! 

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Including the fact about redheads handling hotter showers better than most:


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