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Expert Advice for Hair Shower Maintenance

By: Rona O’Connor 

There are many people who say that using a comb or brush in the shower works wonders and there are many who say it damages the hair. When you’re washing your red hair, it is essential to not only worry about if brushing your hair is the right or wrong thing, but to also look into your shower head.  Use my advice to keep your beautiful, unique hair healthy and split-end free:

1. Shower Filter: Most water has an immense amount of chlorine and harmful minerals that can cause harm to your hair. Look into shower filters that will remove chemicals and trust me, you’ll notice a difference in your hair texture almost immediately.

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2. Brushing: If you have hair that is unruly and taming it in the shower is the best option, or you simply love brushing your hair while bathing, make sure you’re using a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair and work in conjunction with your conditioner.

Keep beautifully Red, ladies!