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Can Hot Water Fade Your Red Hair? The Answer Will Shock You

Small changes in your grooming routine can make a serious difference:

If you’re red ‘by choice’, or you touch up your natural red hair with color depositing shampoos, you might want to switch up how you rinse your hair in the shower. If you use hot water to rinse your hair, you might actually be speeding up the fading process


So, let’s get to the facts. Does hot water fade red hair? 

YES! Hot water opens up the cuticles of your hair allowing more color to escape. It’s similar to when you wash a red shirt in super hot water and the color bleeds. You might not notice the fading after one-two washes, but over time your hair will start to lose that pigment. 

What can redheads do to protect their red hair? 

-Use lukewarm water: It’s recommended to wash your red hair in lukewarm or even cold water. This will help the color last longer, giving you more vibrant red hair. If you love hot showers, start out in very warm water for the body and then slowly adjust the temp until it’s lukewarm for your hair.

-Wash 2-3 times per week: Beyond just using cooler water, it’s important to wash your hair as little as possible. While greasy hair is gross, you can do a lot to prevent oily build-up. Try to keep it to just 2-3 times per week for less for the best results.

-Never use conditioner on your roots: You’ll be adding a heavy layer to your hair that makes it look greasier sooner. Focus all of the conditioner on your ends.

-Use dry shampoo to get rid of oil! Oil causes red to fade. To banish oil altogether, use a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo isn’t just for oily hair! Put dry shampoo in your hair before bed to prevent greasy build-up. The powder will absorb oil before it travels down your locks. You can also add dry shampoo anytime just to give a boost of volume.

-Use a SPF in your hair: Yes, hair sunscreens exist. The sun is another factor to fading red hair. Read more here.

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