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The 7 Best Redhead-Approved Hair Products for Shine and Luster

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Updated: May 25th, 2023

Red hair is gorgeous, but it’s even prettier when it has a great shine. Getting your red hair to be sleek and shiny takes effort and the right products. Here are some of our tips for how to get your shiniest hair yet, and the best products to use on your red hair:

How to enhance shine:

Shiny hair is healthy hair. Keeping your red hair healthy is the best way to promote natural shine. Here are a few ways you can help your hair be healthier:

  • Avoid overwashing
  • Get frequent trims
  • Always use heat protection
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take hair and nail supplements 

You can also incorporate products into your hair care routine that will help to promote shine. This includes hair oils, shine-enhancing treatments, glosses, and boar bristle brushes. Ready to add some shine products to your redhead routine? Check out our favorite redhead-approved shine products:

7 redhead-approved shine products:

1. Finally Glossy® Shine & Luminosity Shampoo for Redheads

It took many years to custom-make the Finally Glossy® formula and we’re so excited for redheads to enjoy it. We’re thrilled to release another clean redhead beauty product. It is paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, petroleum-free, mineral-oil, and vegan. It also contains no perfume, is free of gluten and is silicone-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free and cocamidopropyl betaine-free. This clean formula is formulated with Vitamin B3, olive oil, coconut oil and green tea.

redhead shampoo


2. Color of Wow Dream Coat

This formaldehyde-free product will block out frizz and enhance your natural shine. Just apply it to damp hair every few washes and activate it with heat. 

hair gloss

Color of Wow Dream Coat: $28

3. Moroccanoil Treatment

Oils are great for enhancing the shine of your hair. This oil treatment will nourish and smooth hair leaving it soft and shiny. 

hair mask

Moroccanoil Treatment: $48

4. RAINCRY Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

A shampoo and conditioner set that will wash away impurities and help to bring radiance back to your red hair. redhead

RAINCRY Shine Shampoo & Conditioner: $64

5. VERB Ghost Oil

Another oil treatment that will leave hair soft and shiny is this weightless hair oil. Apply to damp hair before drying or dry hair after styling. 

VERB Ghost Oil: $20

6. Amika Flash Instant Shine Mask

This hair mask will give you a boost of intense moisture to help with hydration and shine in your red hair.

Amika Flash Instant Shine Mask: $26

7. dpHUE Gloss+ in Sheer

This translucent hair gloss will add shine and radiance without adding color to your hair. If you do want to enhance your color while adding shine try the shade Copper.

dpHUE Gloss+ in Sheer: $37


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