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How to Lighten and Treat Your Red Hair With Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love cinnamon? It is an herb that has been used for centuries. Most think of cinnamon as a tasty addition to their desserts, but pure cinnamon actually has healing and medicinal properties.

There are many ways redheads can benefit from cinnamon. It is pretty astounding how wonderful the herb is for red hair and fair skin.


Are you wondering how you can naturally grow your hair longer and ticker? Cinnamon aids in the circulation of blood and promotes hair growth. It is also very good at treating scalp infections. Apply cinnamon oil to your hair and scalp before washing. You can add petroleum jelly to the cinnamon oil to make a paste consistency. Wash out after 5-10 minutes.


Cinnamon can also change the color of your hair. The brown color of the cinnamon actually lightens hair. If you’re struggling with your red hair getting darker, you may want to turn to cinnamon.

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Use cinnamon powder (found at your local natural foods store) and your favorite sulfate-free conditioner. Mix an equal amount of the cinnamon powder and hair conditioner to cover the hair from top to bottom. Before applying, rinse hair with water, squeeze out excess water and towel dry. You should have damp hair. Brush the hair and make sure you move an tangles to prevent streaking. After applying the mixture, brush the hair a few times before tying it into a bun and covering it with a shower cap. Leave the mixture in for the night, and rinse it out in the morning.

This treatment will give natural red highlights and will last up to 2-3 washes.

Caution: Cinnamon oil and paste is not recommended for everyone. Be careful, avoid the eyes and wear protective clothes. When trying the methods for the first time, use sparingly to see how it works for you.


Photo Credit: Segiu Cioban