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6 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Redheads

Auburn-istas, let your someone special know what you want or spoil yourself!

Edited 2023

Happy Almost Valentine’s Redhead Day! It’s that time of year. Hearts, flowers, cards and candy. Even if love isn’t in your life, it’s in the air! The day is approaching in three days! If you haven’t shopped yet, remember some redheads might like something a little different.  Just for us. It might not be too romantic, but there is nothing wrong with a little practicality now and then either.

Here is my take on what last-minute gifts redheads might like besides the typical romantic stuff:

1. Hairstyling tools:

This does sound “appliance-like”, but as a redheaded girl, I can tell you that I love things for my auburn tresses.  When frizzies are out in full force, a great flat iron is a necessity. Sporting a fancy updo? Have a small barrel ceramic curling iron on hand for smooth, curly spirals. And since drying can be a necessity, a good dryer with adjustable heat settings and fan controls are a big help to keep the fried ends under control.

2. Almost anything from a bath/body shop:

Finding a fragrance for any girl, including a redhead, can be difficult. But special bath products can always be a good find. Hand creams, body scrubs, pocket anti-bacterial, and natural soaps can always be a big hit. Don’t forget some other goodies these shops may also carry, like candles, robes, slippers, and fragrance night lights.

3. A Sephora gift card:

I know, I know, gift cards can take the romance out of any gift. But any redhead will tell you that their skin can be super sensitive, their makeup cannot have dyes or fragrances, and their noses are very finicky about certain scents.

Sephora not only allows you to try anything before you buy it (in their retail stores) but if you find the formula or color isn’t for you, they will take a return with receipt without any questions asked. That’s awesome in my book.


4. A massage:

Oh heavens, here is a can’t go wrong gift. Even as I write this I am drooling over getting one of these precious relaxers myself. Ladies are stressed, and there is something to be said about 30-60 minutes of all “about me” time. Sometimes, you can get good deals from reputable salons in the area that offer great deals. Ask for referrals from friends, stop in and get some pamphlets and business cards, then conveniently leave them around for your loved one. Hopefully, they will get the hint.

5. A classy purse:

Women love accessories. One of their favorites is a slamming bag! They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors–it’s hard to really go wrong. Recommendation: Michael Kors Selma Mini Bag

Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr

6. An H2BAR Box Subscription

‘Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty products sent to your doorstep — a dream gift for a redhead! Now offering monthly and Deluxe subscriptions, you can spoil yourself or a loved one with this amazing gift.

Time is running out. Make sure you auburn-istas let that special someone in your life know what you might like this love-embraced holiday. If roses aren’t your thing, and candy is too cliché, think outside of the box and drop hints whenever possible, including the items above.

Find your desire with some inner romance and Rock it like a Redhead!