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7 Timeless Engagement Nails for Redheads

Get Ring Ready!

It’s engagement season! Whether you’re anticipating an engagement soon or if you said “yes” recently, you might have to start thinking about your nails. We know, we know — your priority might be your red hair. You may have already scoured Pinterest looking for the perfect hairstyles. But, remember, the way your nails are done can drastically change how your engagement photos turn out — because having undone or chipped nails can make your photos feel less special. Of course, the way your nails and red hair looks has nothing to do with the happiness that comes with an engagement, but it’s still something to consider.

Choosing a timeless manicure will help you look back fondly on your engagement ring photos for years and years to come. Here are 7 timeless nail looks for your big day: 

1. French Tips

It’s classic, it’s elegant and it’s timeless. The popular shape of French nails has changed over the years, but the overall style has remained one of the most classic. Opt for a subtle French tip in a nice natural sheen for your engagement.

2. Pale Pink

Pink is such a flattering color for redheads, and pale pink is a classic color. Pink is great because it adds a pop of color without drawing attention away from your ring. Choose a shade that pops against your skin tone, but isn’t too bright. 

3. Classic Red 

There’s nothing more timeless than a red nail. They are perfect for those who love bright colors and a statement but still want something timeless. Keeping your red nails on the short to medium side will ensure they look chic and elegant. 

4. Nearly Nude

If you’re a no-fuss gal, or you want all the attention on your rock, a nearly nude color is the obvious choice. Choose something just a shade or two off of your skin tone so it helps to define the nails without adding any unwanted attention. Nearly nude colors look great on all nail lengths. 

5. Sparkle Sparkle

Are glitter and sparkles your thing? Don’t shy away from who you are. Sparkles can be a lot, but they can also be done elegantly to help create a timeless look. Opt for neutral colors, and natural lengths and shapes for your nails. 

6. Milky White

The obvious choice for anything bridal is white, but stark white can be very hard to keep looking nice, Bright white can also be a hard color for fair-skinned redheads. Instead, opt for a milky white. The milky finish will look more natural and more flattering. 

7. Deep and Dark

If darker colors are more your style, opt for a dark, or deep-toned solid color. Reds, greens, purples, and blues all look amazing in deepened hues and they will add some color while still feeling classy and classic.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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