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8 Adorable Valentine’s Day Nails for Redheads

Get inspired for Valentine's Day

It’s the season of love, and one thing we love is cute nail art. We’ve gathered up 8 different Valentine’s Day-themed nail ideas for you to try this month! Some are classic v-day looks while others can be worn long after the holiday is over.

1. Red Hearts

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day nail guide without some classic red hearts. This modern look of the thin frenchie paired with dainty red hearts is trendy and cute.

2. Red and Pink

If you want a classic color combo for Valentine’s Day it has to be red and pink. Add some hearts if you want to be really on theme, or keep it a little simpler with something like flowers so you can keep wearing them for weeks to come. 

3. Pink Glitter

For a simple look that isn’t too in your face, try a pink glitter nail. You can even do this look at home. Glitter is a fun way to add a little something to your nails at any length.

4. Pink Tips

Another simple look that’s on theme but toned down is pink tips. Try a gradient look or keep it easy with just one color for a cute Valentine’s Day nail. 

5. Chrome

If you like trendy things, you’ve got to try chrome nails. This flashy finish is very on-trend and we are loving pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day!

6. White and Neutral Hearts

If reds and pinks aren’t your thing, try a white and neutral nail with little heart elements. This look is chic and understated while still feeling festive. 

7. Purple Hearts

Another option for those who don’t love red and pink is purple! Adding some little heart elements to purple nails is perfect for Valentine’s Day and any day!

8. Magenta ink

Trying to choose a shade of pink? Try this year’s Pantone Color of the Year and go magenta! Magenta pink is a gorgeous color for redheads, as is any color in the berry family. 


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