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6 Redhead-Friendly Nail Ideas to Transition from Fall to Winter

Get inspired for this in-between time

The transition between fall and winter can be a long one, with cold mornings leading into sunny afternoons and everyone in a different phase of holiday decor. If you’re over fall nails, but not quite ready for the Christmas/Holiday ones yet, try one of these six transitional ‘Redhead Friendly’ styles that are perfect for this in-between time: 

1. Dainty Gold

Glittering gold is basically neutral in the fall and winter. You can find it wound into all the decorations and doesn’t feel too much like one season or the other. Try a dainty gold nail look with gold accents on a neutral nail. 

2. Pearlescent Nude

Chrome and pearl are in, so this look is a must-try. The subtle pearlescent nude color is gorgeous for any time of year but really lends itself to early winter

3. Burgundy

Red is a color that feels like both fall and winter, so this dark burgundy red is perfect for the transition between the two. This color looks great solid, patterned, or even mixed with other finishes like matte or glitter. 

4. Dark Green

Another color that rides the line between the two seasons is green. We are loving this dark emerald green for the winter season and think it’s a must-try. Add some gold for a pop of color or leave it plain it’s sure to look stunning. 

5. Dark Blue

You may notice a trend in dark jewel tones, but we love these colors for this season! Blue doesn’t feel like such a fall color, but it sure does feel like a winter color without being holiday themed. 

6. Snowflakes/Stars

If you want something subtle but really wintery, try a snowflake design in metallic. Live in a warm climate or just aren’t a fan of snowflakes, these tiny stars have the same look. 


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