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3 Style and Makeup Tips Every Redhead Bride Should Know

Planning your wedding celebration is a fantastic experience but often, for a redhead bride, it can also be very stressful. From strawberry-blonde to deep ruby hues, the red-haired woman embodies passion, beauty and style. For a redhead beauty to look her best on her wedding day, the task of choosing the right colors can be overwhelming.

Oh, to love and be loved! Here are a few tips to inspire you:


Choosing the perfect dress is normally the biggest thing for any bride. With so many different styles, where do you even begin?  For a redhead bride, the right choice of color is so important to help you create your perfect wedding look. You can start by understanding what works with your skin tone.

For cooler skin tones:

Warmer colors will bring out your natural glow.  Try shades of ivory with golden undertones or even pale peach. Those with paler complexions should adamantly avoid traditional white wedding dresses, as these will instantly drain the color from your face. Medium pale skin will look gorgeous in a creamy ivory shade. Tip: If you must wear a white dress, rock a colored hair accessory to add some warmth to your face.

For warmer skin tones: 

Try traditional white and also various shades of champagne or pale mocha. Additionally, brides with this coloring will look dazzling in the hottest trend of pink wedding dresses that was rocked by many celebrities and can be found at popular retailers like David’s Bridal.


The rule of thumb is to choose a palette that brightens your skin and seems to make your face glow. Most brides choose to have a minimalistic, natural look, so make your makeup truly count with flattering colors that make you seem naturally radiant. Not all redheads have the same hair coloring (duh), so find a palette the complements your tresses.

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For soft, warm red hair shades:

Try cool greens, bright lipsticks; brown, grey or black eyeliners and a touch of apricot blush for the cheeks. Accessorize your look in gold, bronze and pastels.  Bright turquoises can also go well depending on your skin tone.

For cool red hair shades:

Try rusts, coppers, true purples and apricots and, bold red lips. Use dark grey or black eyeliners, with shadows of green and deep browns to add color.  Also look at lightening your brow color just one shade lighter than your hair, for an enhanced look.  Accessorize your look in white, ivory or coppers that bring out your natural glow.



For bold, deep red hair shades:

Try lavender, pinks and blueberry tones which match with bold red or pink lips. Also, complement your stunning red hair with more natural eyes dressed in browns and neutrals; and a hint of bronze on the cheeks. Accessorize your look in sparkles and bold color bursts.


Accessories have the ability to make you twinkle, but be careful to not let your jewelry upstage you on your big day. Therefore, either have a few simple pieces along with an intricately patterned dress or feature simple fabric with a breathtaking singular item.

Because you have been blessed enough to have vibrant red hair, why not feature a dazzling hairpiece or pair of earrings that will look stunning contrasted against your locks? Let the subtle tints of your wedding dress guide whether you wear gold or silver, and colored stones of emerald, blue and purple will attractively pop. Your accessories are the perfect opportunity to be sentimental with an inherited antique piece or to let your individuality shine through uniquely handmade jewelry from Etsy.

For a more casual look, a crown of flowers or a few blooms tucked behind the ear will look particularly charming.

So remember, my dearest red, it’s the first day of the rest of your life.  You want a perfect day and, yes, with good planning and some luck, the day will be beautiful, amazing, romantic and special.  But the journey of love will continue forever. Focus on this and the day will be absolutely perfect.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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