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8 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Spring Nail Styles to Try

Get gorgeous nails for spring!

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Spring is arguably one of the best seasons for nails. As we come out of winter it’s the perfect time to play with color and new patterns! Here are 8 ‘Redhead-Friendly’ spring nail designs to get you inspired for your next trip to the salon. 

1. Delightful daisy

We are loving these adorable daisies for spring. They are cute and fun and look adorable with any base color. 


2. Colored tips

For the girlies who want a pop of color, why not pick all the colors! Multi-colored tips are super trendy right now and look fantastic on fair skin.


3. Nearly nude

Nude nails are the go-to for every season, but we are loving these nearly nude colors for spring. Just choose a color that’s a shade or two off of your skin tone for this look and seal it with a crystal clear topcoat. 


4. Cotton candy

Can’t pick between pink or blue? Try these cotton candy-inspired nails that are perfect for transitioning into springtime. 


5. Make it marble

Marbled nails are elegant and gorgeous. You can even get little flecks of gold leaf in them if you want to feel really chic. 


6. Spring botanical

Another cute floral style is these spring botanical designs. They are like the elevated version of our cute little daisies!


7. Sage green

Another color we love year-round is sage green, and it’s going to be super popular again this spring. We love it plain or in a cute pattern. 


8. Abstract art

Maybe the most popular spring nail design is the abstract art nails. They are fun, look great in any color, and work on all nail shapes and lengths. 


Rock it like a Redhead!