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Simple Tips For Redheads: How To Repair Dry, Brittle, Cracked & Peeling Nails

Bye Bye, Brittle Nails

Universal truth: breaking a nail stinks.

Sometimes you break a nail because you’re too rough on them, but most of the time nails break because they are weak. Having brittle nails is a sign it’s time to change things up, and it could be due to a redhead’s sensitive skin too. Here’s how redheads can combat weak nails, make them stronger and prevent new breaks from happening. 

Step 1: Cut your nails

The longer your nails get, the more likely you are to break them. If you have weak nails, long nail beds aren’t going to strengthen, so it’s a good idea to keep them short and start fresh. Trimming your nails regularly will also ensure you’re keeping the healthiest part of the nail while also reducing the likelihood of breakage. If you like having extra long nails, opt for nail extensions instead. 

Step 2: Keep hydrated

Keeping your nails hydrated is extremely important for keeping them strong. Use a cuticle and nail oil regularly and rub your moisturizer into your nails whenever you apply it to your hands. You also want to make sure you’re staying hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water. 

Step 3: Take strengthening supplements*

Hair and nail supplements could be a helpful way to strengthen your nails. They won’t give you strong nails overnight, but if taken regularly they will help to improve the quality of your nails and they will grow stronger over time. 

Step 4: Add a protective layer

For instant strengthening, try adding a protective layer to your nails. Look for a nail polish hardener or nail strengthener. This can often be used as a base/top coat or as a stand-alone clear polish on the nail. This will help to prevent nails from breaking while you’re working on strengthening them.

Step 5: Know your limits

Everyone’s nails are different, and your nails can really only grow to a certain point without being compromised. In addition, your lifestyle may make longer nails more prone to breaking. Know your limits and pick a nail length that you can maintain.

Remember: healthy, strong nails that don’t break look much better than extra-long nails that are always at risk of cracking or breaking. 

Rock it like a Redhead!

*Always consult your doctor before taking supplements or any new medication of any sort.


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