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Fall Nail Inspo for Redheads That Isn’t Halloween Themed

Not Ready For Spooky Season Nails Just Yet? We've Got You

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It’s fall ya’ll! Maybe you’re jumping right in with the Halloween nails, but for those redheads needing something a little more transitional (think a look between summer and spooky season), we’ve got 6 of the hottest fall nail ideas that aren’t Halloween-themed. These nails help you ease into the season and get you through until it’s time for spooky nails: 

1. Navy

Blue has been having a moment, and that’s not changing for fall. Opt for a darker navy blue instead of the lighter blues of spring and summer. This color is elegant and almost feels neutral, but adds a pop of color to your hand. 

2. Aura Nails

As we enter spooky season, these aura nails are perfect for those who want something that feels a little magical. Aura nails can be done in any color and are the perfect way to transition from summer to fall

3. Maroon Tips

Red nails are always in, but for this fall we are loving maroon French tips. They feel elevated and elegant but still have that fun fall pop of color to them. 

4. Gold Star Accents

Another magical feeling nail design that transitions for spooky season is gold star accents. These little shimmery stars can dress up a neutral manicure, or be added to your favorite fall color

5. Coffee Chrome

Glazed donut nails are still popular, and you might hear this one called “chocolate glazed donut” but this brown and chrome look just screams fall and it’s perfect because you can customize the darkness of the brown to complement your skin tone. 

6. Fall Watercolor

For something more abstract, try a fall watercoloresque design. Bring in all your favorite fall shades in the perfect transitional nail design

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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