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6 Christmas Nail Designs to Rock This Holiday Season

Festive Nail Season is Here!

It’s time to embrace the Christmas season, and that means planning out your Christmas nails. Many people enjoy festive nail designs during the holidays as a way to express creativity, embrace the festive spirit, and add a touch of celebration to their appearance. It’s a fun and popular way for individuals to get into the holiday mood.Whether you like to rock the Christmas nails all season long or save them for the week of, here are a few designs to get you inspired, redheads: 

1. Snowmen

Embrace the snowy season with some adorable Christmas snowmen for your nails. These are perfect because you can enjoy them even after Christmas is over!

2. Ornaments

Get festive with some Christmas ornament nails. These look super cute as an accent nail combined with other designs, or on neutral/nude nails for a pop of color. 

3. Trees

Another festive design is the Christmas tree. There are so many cute ways to do a tree nail design, and it’s perfect for the holiday season

4. Presents

Adding the ribbon effect to make one or two nails look like presents is such a cute way to dress up a French tip or a solid manicure for Christmas. 

5. Candy Stripe

Show off your manicure with an adorable candy stripe design. Candy stripe is fun because it can be literal or abstract, depending on your style. 

6. Greenery 

If you want something wintery and Christmas adjacent but not so on the nose, opt for some gorgeous winter greenery. Holly is the perfect choice!

Rock it like a Redhead!


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