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What Does Red Hair Symbolize? Let’s Talk About It

The color red symbolized different things across cultures

We know color is often used to portray certain feelings, emotions, and actions in media, art, and literature. So how does this correlate to the symbolism of red hair? Let’s talk about it:

What does the color red symbolize?

The color red on its own can symbolize many different things. Often this depends on the culture you’re looking at. In Chinese culture, red is a symbol of luck and good fortune, while in other cultures it can symbolize more sinister things like war and anger. 

When seen in American media, red often symbolizes strong emotions like power, seduction, love, and death. So, does red hair symbolize these same things?

What is the symbolism of red hair?

When we see red hair in media, it is often used to portray a person in a certain way. In American media, red hair often symbolizes some of the same things the color red does. Some of the most common ones are a sense of feistiness and a form of sexualization and sensuality, which we see more often with redhead women. Another common thing red hair symbolizes is power, which is one of the reasons why we see a lot of redheads in superhero movies. 

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