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Are Redheads More Likely to Land a Commercial?

Could your hair color land you on TV?

Have you ever noticed there are a lot of redheads, both real and by choice, on TV? There’s actually a reason for that. A media study done in 2014 showed that about 30% of all TV commercials in the United States featured a redhead. 

So why is a hair color that makes up less than 2% of the population so prevalent in TV commercials?

It’s easy –– red sells. According to Psychology Today, red is associated with sexual attraction and could even raise your heart rate. Red is also stimulating intense emotions including passion. Red might also make you feel hungry which is why red is a popular color for fast food chains.

Featuring redheads in commercials is an easy way to sneak in the red without it being obvious or over the top. Redheads are also eye-catching and might make you watch the commercial instead of looking away. 

So if you’re looking to get into acting, maybe commercials are your big break!

Let’s take a look at some recent redhead favorites:

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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