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TV Commercials Feature a High Number of Redheads

A look into why this is happening.

In the past year, redheads have made headlines for their scenes in multiple commercials. The Atlantic reported when the headline: “Redheads Are More Common in Commercials Than in Real Life”. Although that is a bit far fetched, we have to admit that there is an undeniably high percentage of redheads in television commercials.

Upstream Analysis monitored more than 1,700 ads that aired on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m in 2014. Of those ads, about a third featured redheads, and more than half of the ads featuring redheads cast them as main characters.

Upstream suspects that redheads are chosen for commercials for two reasons. One is that advertisers showcase redheads because of the color red’s association with attraction; the other is that redheads’ rarity sparks reward-seeking in our brains, which are finely-tuned to sense novelty.

We think the better answer is number two, but it’s also important to mention that the color red is “alarming.” There is a call to action.

We’ve pulled together some of our 5 favorite redhead commercials:

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Keep your eyes out! We bet you’re about to recognize many more redheads on TV.

Do you have any favorites? Comment below.

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