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2018 Update: TV Commercials Really Do Feature a High Number of Redheads

In 2015, H2BAR released a post titled, “TV Features High Number of Redhead Commercials“. In 2014, Upstream Analysis monitored more than 1,700 ads that aired on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m and of those ads, about a third featured redheads, and more than half of the ads featuring redheads cast them as main characters.

Upstream suspected that redheads are chosen for commercials for two reasons. One is that advertisers showcase redheads because of the color red’s association with attraction; the other is that redheads’ rarity sparks reward-seeking in our brains, which are finely-tuned to sense novelty.

Here are my speculations as to why advertising giants are using redheads in their brands’ advertisements:

1. Redheads are Memorable. This seems like the number one most obvious reason.

2. Redheads are Attractive. Many people find redheads attractive whether it be because of their uniqueness or an attraction to the actual color red. 

3. Redheads are Rare. Being rare makes us memorable, yes, but it also makes us special. 

4. Redheads are Unique. Being different often grabs people’s attention. 

I have definitiely seen an increase in redheads in commercials since 2015. Have you?

Here are 6 favorite redhead commercials of 2017/2018:

We are an advertiser’s dream. When they have mere seconds to grab an audience’s attention and to stand out from the clutter, redheads are their go-to secret weapon to get their message across. 

Rock it like a Redhead!