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10 Redhead Halloween Makeup Looks to Get You Inspired

It's Halloween Season, Redheads!

Halloween is creeping (hehe) up fast, and if you don’t have your costume figured out yet it’s time to get inspired. We’ve gathered 10 makeup looks for redhead Halloween costumes. Some are easy and others might take a bit more practice. Happy Halloween:

1. Chucky

This is an easy one because scars are messy! Apply your makeup however you like and top it with some gnarly scars to create that Chucky look. 

2. Daphne

Apply a purple shadow, glossy lip, and a little contour for the perfect Daphne makeup look. Daphne is just a regular girl so this look is perfect for when you don’t want to go over the top.

3. Poison Ivy

Here’s a  look you can make as complicated or as easy as you want. Stick to green shadow and a red lip or go all out and add green contour and crazy liner.

4. Garden Fairy

A fun, flirty fairy princess is the perfect costume for any redhead. Amp it up with some ethereal-looking makeup. Go simple with a glowy look or add sparkles and rhinestones for something a little more glam.

5. Jessica Rabbit

Make your eyes pop with a gorgeous purple eye look and a seductive red lip. High arched brows are a must, so grab your Finally Have Brows and get to work! Don’t forget a beauty mark.

6. Pennywise

This look from IT might take a little more practice but with a few colors of face paint plus a red lip and lashes, we know you can pull it off!

7. Sally

Similarly to Chucky, this one is pretty simple when it comes to drawing the stitches. Start with a blue face paint base and a red lip and add in your details as elaborately as you like. 

8. Scarlet Witch

Another look that can be elaborate or easy is the Scarlet Witch. Draw full flames with face paint or go simple with a red lip and warm shadow look. 

9. Fiona

A quite simple look, go full green, dress as human Fiona, or do a little bit of both! All you really need is some green face paint and your regular makeup bag for lips, brows, and lashes. 

10. Winnifred Sanderson

Let’s round things off with another relatively easy one. Skip the brow gel or cover up those brows, apply Winnie’s signature lip look and top it with rosy cheeks and big lashes!


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Rock it like a Redhead!