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How Redheads Can Apply Renaissance Makeup

Pretty as a Painting!

Artists love to depict redheads in their work, especially work from the Renaissance era. These stunning works have inspired many works of art, architecture, and of course the fashion and beauty industry

Watch as makeup artist, known as “Nikki makeup” on TikTok,  transforms this modern-day redhead beauty into looking like she just stepped out of a Renaissance painting. This is a great look if you’re looking for a simple redhead Halloween look matched with a dress and corset; or if you simply want to attain this look for its pure beauty. 

Nikki starts by giving the redhead model a fresh, dewy face with lots of highlighting and subtle contour. The eyes are contoured up and made to look larger with a white liner, while the natural brow is enhanced only slightly. You can easily do this with Finally Have Brows gel and pencil. The redhead model’s natural lashes are sans mascara to help preserve the appearance of a centuries-old style. Flushed blush, light highlight, and a stained lip completes this makeup look. We would describe it as natural yet sculpted

What do you think, would you try a Renaissance-style makeup look? 


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Rock it like a Redhead!