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2022 Edition: 7 Best Fall Fashion Redhead-Friendly Trends

Fall Trend Alert!

Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your fall wardrobe. Some of these pieces you may already have in your closet. Here are some of the fall fashion trends we can expect to see:

Knit Sets

Knits are always popular due to their cozy nature. We saw a rise in the popularity of cropped knits in 2020 and they’ve become more popular in the last few years. Knits are perfect for lounging or they can be dressed up and worn out and about. 

Pleated Skirts

Tennis skirts were super popular last year and we will continue to see pleated skirts trending into fall 2022. With the cooler weather will come some longer pleated skirts, plaids and wool. Pair them with sheer or black tights for added warmth as the season goes on.

Sweater Vests

This trend has been recycled numerous times over the years and in fall 2022 it will continue to be a must-have. Oversized sweater vests layered with long sleeves will be a hot fall look. 


While they truly never go out of style, trousers are very popular this year. They will continue to be a hot trend in fall where we will see lots of rich colors and neutrals in both wide-leg and tailored trousers.


There really isn’t a more classic jacket than the trench. It’s perfect for fall and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Get yourself a trench in a neutral color like beige, brown, black, or camel and you’ll get tons of use out of it well into winter


Fall trends are very texture-driven, that’s why it’s no surprise that leather is a hot fall look. We will be seeing leather on pants, skirts, jackets, and of course handbags. 

Muted Neutrals

The colors of fall can be bold and brilliant, but this fall we are going to see a more muted palette when it comes to clothing. Muted neutrals will be quite popular, and mixed tone monochromatic looks will be all the rage. 


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