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How To Transition Your Redhead Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Your Guide to Late Summer/Early Fall Fashion

As we start to trade sunshine and hot days for crisp autumn, Redhead Season weather, it can be hard to find a smooth transition from one season to the next. Some days are warm and some days are chilly, so how do you find a good balance in your outfits? Here are a few tips on how redheads can transition seamlessly from summer-to-fall fashion: 

Dress in layers

In the early days of fall, there can be surprisingly warm weather and lots of sunshine. That’s why it’s good to dress in layers. Button downs and lightweight long sleeves can be great layering tools for putting under cami style dresses, sweatshirts, and sweater vests. You can also add a jean jacket, button-down or light cardigan over a short sleeve or sleeveless top. 

Lightweight materials

Pick fall-style items in lightweight materials to keep from overheating. Light knits, light cable knits, and cropped sweaters are all great choices. Save your heavier knits for later in the fall. Additionally, you can pair your light knits with shorter skirts or even shorts to help you keep cool. 

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Swap your shoes

Start swapping out your summer sandals for a more fall-appropriate shoe. For a casual look try chunky sneakers, or opt for low booties with a heel. These shoes pair well with a variety of styles and won’t scream fall, but your sandals will scream summer. 

Focus on neutrals

Start phasing out the bright colors of summer and opt for more neutrals. You might not want to dive headfirst into the rich colors of autumn, so beiges, whites, blacks, greys, and dusty sage green can help you transition your wardrobe slowly. 

Rock it like a Redhead!