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How to Get Rid of Static Red Hair in the Winter

Keep Red Hair from Frizzing Up

We know spring is around the corner, but you may be dealing with static hair. It is something many of us suffer from in the winter because the air is dryer and we wear many layers. Taking on and off hats, scarves and sweaters can create a lot of static. Well here are a few ways redheads can combat static and have silky smooth hair. 

Use a dryer sheet

It works for your clothes and it will work for your hair. If you’re in a pinch, grab a dryer sheet and run it along your locks. Not only will it fight frizz and static, but it will leave your hair smelling laundry fresh!

Apply some lotion 

Another great way to fight static on the go is to apply a little lotion or moisturizer to your hands and run them over your hair. This will help to settle down some of the static and leave hair nice and soft. 

Try hairspray or a leave-in product

Applying a layer of hairspray or another leave-in product can help to reduce static in your hair, however, it might not last all day, so use one of the tips above to touch it up. 

Keep your hair hydrated

Drinking plenty of water, using nourishing products, and eating healthy will keep your hair hydrated. The less dry your hair is, the less static you will see. A great way to add some hydration into your hair routine is with hair oil

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