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Sarah Reeves

Why Redheads Should Invest in Leather This Fall Season

Ahh, leather. So soft, smooth, durable, and usually expensive. Don’t fret, redheads because this fall I’m going to let you know where your leather budget is best spent.

1. The Traditional Jacket- I remember I got my first black leather jacket from The Limited Too in the 3rd grade- thank you, Santa! Leather jackets are so great for looking fashionable and keeping you warm. This traditional style never goes out of fashion, but every year there’s a different leather jacket trend. These days it’s more of a cropped look with lots of embellishments.

You can get away with buying faux leather, but make sure to buy a more durable heavier fabric, so it holds up longer. I have seen the love a jacket like this.

2. $ When to Splurge- One place in your wardrobe you really need to invest your leather budget in is good quality shoes. Leather boots will pretty much mold to you once you wear them enough and on the plus side, you’ll have them for years and years!

The Negative? You might have to fork over some money for the initial investment.  Be sure to get a style you love because you’ll be wearing them a long time!

And be warned for crocking. Crocking is when there’s a color transfer from the leather to another surface (your feet, socks, etc…) so, be prepared if you get caught in the rain.

When to Buy Cheap- You can get away with faux leather in accessories and party handbags.  You don’t necessarily need leather in your belt to keep your jeans up and the faux clutch can still hold all of your lipsticks! If you spill on them when you’re out, no worries.

Unique Buy- Leather tops, that’s right! Pair them with simple jeans or a black skirt.  People will be rubbing your back all night.

Lastly, my redheads, don’t be afraid to buy your leather in a variety of ‘redhead friendly’ colors. Like this purple leather coat. Rock it like a Redhead