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5 School-Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Redhead Students and Teachers

Get in the Halloween spirit for school

Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, but if you’re a student or a teacher, you might still want to dress up and enjoy the festivities. Here are 5 school-appropriate Halloween costumes for redhead students or teachers to rock this year!

1. Miss Frizzle

This one is perfect for teachers or even students who love learning. Curl your red hair and put on your planet dress (DIY or store-bought) for the full Miss Frizzle effect!

2. Kimmy Schmidt

Channel your inner Mole Woman with a Kimmy Schmidt costume. Choose from her blue bunker look, her season 1 signature yellow cardigan, or any of her other iconic looks. 

3. Ginny/Ron Weasley

Add some magic to the school day by dressing as one of the Weasley siblings. Ginny or Ron is an obvious choice, but you could dress as anyone from this redheaded clan. It’s an easy costume to make a group affair with other students or teachers!

4. Chuckie Finster

Get in touch with your inner child by dressing up as star Chuckie! Pair green shorts with a blue planet shirt and sneakers and finish the look off with his signature purple glasses and frizzy red hair


5. Sansa Stark

Want to go all out on your costume? Dress up as Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. Braid your hair and add some loose curls to get the full effect.

Rock it like a Redhead!