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You Gotta Check Out The Redhead Witches Coven Photo Shoot

Redhead Witches Unite

redhead witches

It’s almost time to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, redheads! If there’s one thing we love it’s redhead power and during this time of year, you gotta love a coven too. If you’re not familiar, a coven is a gathering of witches. To celebrate this season, last year, a group of 5 redhead influencers and content creators had a redhead coven photo shoot. It was photographed by a fellow redhead, Ava Rhymer. Want to check out more of her work? Here is a direct link to her website.

Needless to say, we are OBSESSED. Where do we sign up?

This redhead coven shoot was modeled by Astrid Kallsen (@sirenethereal,) Molly Katherine (@scarlettohair,) Lilith Jenovax (@lilithjenovax,) Valkyrie Rose (@valkyrierutledge,) @avarymer, and her sister, Sydney!

Don’t worry they are accepting new soulless members for 2023 too.

Did you know it used to be a widespread belief that redheads were witches? There were historical superstitions and stereotypes associated with red hair. In some cultures, redheads were unfairly stigmatized and associated with witchcraft or other supernatural beliefs. However, it’s important to note that these beliefs were based on superstition and prejudice and do not hold any scientific or factual basis. Such misconceptions have largely faded over time. We’ve discussed this topic at length, so if you’re looking for a good Halloween read check out: 8 Historical Facts about Redheads and Witchcraft

Let’s check out the incredible redhead coven photo shoot via TikTok: 


Redhead Coven shoot with @sirenethereal @scarlettohair @Lilith Jenovax @Valkyrie Rose and my sister Sydney 🖤 we are accepting new soulless members #witchtok #redhead #witchcore #coven #witchcoven #darksouls #photoshoot

♬ Unholy – Sam Smith & Kim Petras


#Halloween photoshoot. Fully of #witchy feels. Shooting beautiful @Valkyrie Rutledge @avarymer @Molly Katherine assisted by @Froggieapple

♬ American Horror Story Theme (Tv Version) [From “American Horror Story”] – AHS Project


Getting closer to the big day! 🎃👻 so glad I got to work with these ladies! @avarymer @Lilith Jenovax @Valkyrie Rose @Astrid Kallsen

♬ оригинальный звук – rinaskrgn



🔮 A witch is nothing without her coven ✨️🌙 happy Halloween 🦇 with @scarlettohair @sirenethereal @avarymer @valkyrierutledge #witch #witchtok #witchyvibes #coven #redheads #witchesoftiktok #halloween

♬ Halloween songs that mix fun and creepy – NRT-Sound


Persephone, Hecate and the Erinyes just chillin on a Friday night 🖤👻👩🏻‍🦰 @lilithjenovax @valkyrierutledge @sirenethereal posed by @avarymer

♬ original sound – spedup.rock.songs

Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo Credit: Astrid Kallsen (@sirenethereal,) Molly Katherine (@scarlettohair,) Lilith Jenovax (@lilithjenovax,) Valkyrie Rose (@valkyrierutledge,) @avarymer, and her sister, Sydney. 


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