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6 Colors Redheads Should be Rocking in 2022

Rock These Colors Like a Redhead!

As we enter the new year, it’s the perfect time to add some new colors to your redhead fashion wardrobe. Lots of people like to say what colors redheads can and can’t wear. We don’t agree with those people! We think redheads can and should wear whatever colors they want, but if you’re looking to get inspired for your 2022 wardrobe here are some colors that look exceptional on redheads.

1. Periwinkle

Very Peri is Pantone’s Color of the Year and it looks stunning on redheads. Periwinkle is a gorgeous mix of blue and purple and we can’t get enough of it. You’ve got to try this gorgeous tone, trust us!

2. Neutrals

Beige, brown, white, black. We love neutrals! Redheads wearing neutrals is a sure-fire way to let your hair pop and be the star of the show. Neutrals are so on-trend for 2022 and really they are never going out of style, so wear those neutrals!

3. Green

Nothing makes red hair pop quite like green. A lot of redheads aren’t fans of green but there are so many shades to choose from. Sage green, dark green and emerald green are all must-wears for this new year.

4. Pink

There’s something about the pink and red combo that looks so good. If you think pink isn’t your color you might be wearing the wrong shade! From dark berry tones to pale pastels there’s a pink for everyone. 

5. Red

Whoever said redheads can’t wear red is dead wrong. Red is such a power color and we are powerful humans. From burgundy to true red, rock your red and your red hair in 2022 because you are a boss!


6. Blue

Want to make your red hair pop? Try wearing blue! Some shades that look particularly good on redheads are cobalt and baby blue. Feeling bold? Try something electric blue!


Rock it like a Redhead!