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4 Redhead Fashion Do’s For Summer

Ready, set, summer!

As the weather heats up, we get to explore a part of our redhead wardrobe that we might skip-past in our daily routine. Finding your warm-weather style can take a little practice, but with these tried and true redhead fashion tips for summer you’ll be ready for wherever it takes you: 

1. Play with color

When it comes to summer colors, wear what you like and what you think looks best on you. Throw the old color rules out the window and rock what you want. Whether bold colors or muted neutrals are your thing, the best colors are the ones you’re confident in. 

H2BAR TIP: Want to look ultra-chic? Try a monochromatic look in your favorite color. Match your outfit, accessories, and even your makeup for the full effect. Madelaine Petsch, in the photo below, opted for a red suit, red lips and slicked back her red hair for a boss-girl look. Take it from her, coordinating colors will really pull the look together.

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2. Layering is key

Layering might feel like a trend for fall and winter, but it works for summer too. Pick lightweight materials that you can easily layer for more sun coverage and an easy way to change up your look. You can also layer jewelry for a chic addition to your outfit. 

H2BAR TIP: Get a little more coverage out of a cropped top or tank by adding an oversized button-down for an effortless look. 

3. Accessories make the outfit

If you’ve got a simple summer outfit that isn’t quite complete, try adding some accessories to it. Try matching your bag to your shoes, adding a hat for sun protection, or piling on the bling with rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

H2BAR TIP: Wearing warmer tones? Opt for gold or rose gold jewelry. Wearing cool tones? Opt for silver and white gold. Wearing a mix of neutrals? Don’t be afraid to mix metals!

Argentovivo Set of 3 Assorted Earrings, $48

4. Don’t be afraid to show some skin

If you’re feeling like you’re not ready to show your summer style because you’re still feeling like you’ve got your winter body…think again! Every body is a summer body and you shouldn’t be afraid to show some skin. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

H2BAR TIP: If you’re still not feeling confident in your beautiful body, try wearing a one-piece that gets you out of your comfort zone every day paired with something you love the look of. Before you know it your confidence will soar. 

Aerie Tie Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit, $25

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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