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Why Madelaine Petsch Should Be One of Your Redhead Style Icons

The "Riverdale" starlet is killing the redhead fashion game

H2BAR fans know we love Madelaine Petsch, we’ve covered some of her most iconic styles, her journey to embracing her red hair, and her absolute girl boss attitude. So it’s probably no surprise that she is one of our top redhead style icons. If you haven’t been keeping up with her style recently you should check it out.

We think all redheads could learn a thing or two from this fiery beauty: 

She loves to be bold

Madelaine isn’t afraid to be bold with her style and wear things that are a little unique. Just like her red hair, her style makes a statement. Recently she’s been seen rocking not one but two larger-than-life patterned looks. 

She doesn’t play by the “rules” 

As redheads, we are often told to stay away from certain colors or only muted shades. Most often we hear to stay away from reds, pinks, and oranges. Madelaine doesn’t let the redhead rules control her style. She is often seen rocking bold colors, especially red and orange. 

She embraces her complexion

Fair skin isn’t the norm in Hollywood, but Madelaine hasn’t let the fame get to her skin. She still rocks her pale complexion and looks dew and glowing as ever. She also doesn’t let her skin tone keep her from rocking off whites or nude shades that are all the rage.

She shows us that style doesn’t have to be expensive 

Most celebs have closets full of designer looks that regular people just aren’t wearing on a daily basis. Madelaine wears her fair share of designer clothes, but she also shows us that style doesn’t have to be expensive. She’s been known to rock Louis Vuttion one day and a chic outfit from SHEIN the next.

She keeps up with the trends 

Madelaine is turning 27 this summer, which makes her a millennial. As we know Gen Z is taking over the style world and leaving millennials in the dust with their skinny jeans. Petsch is still right on trend like with the gorgeous orange number she wore on Jimmy Fallon. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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