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Alyssa Showalter

Busting Every Redhead Fashion Myth

Advice every redhead should listen to.

Myth: Redheads can’t wear color. 

Truth: Oh, yes they can!

For years, I thought redheads were the hardest people to dress, to only learn that is a myth. In fact, we are the easiest to dress up and can get away with wearing anything. We are truly blessed because we are the ones that make the dress. If a dress doesn’t look good on us, then sorry, that dress is ugly, and shouldn’t be worn by anyone.

So my fashion tip for all redheads is: wear whatever your heart desires.

Jessica Rabbit is the sexiest 2-D character we all know, and she was able to pull off a red dress with purple gloves and purple eye shadow. Yup, redheads can wear any color and any shade of that color because it enhances their hair and skin. Trust me, redheads can wear color. Now, there are some colors that complement well with red hair, such as; green, red, and believe it, yellow.

Anyone can wear black, and possibly the safest shade of the light spectrum. What many probably get scared of is the light. Give in to the good side, and wear that white pull over. Wearing white actually makes you look radiant and healthy. All because we are pale naturally, wearing white will make you look like you got some sun. Not to mention, your red hair will look amazing.


When I say, wear whatever you want, I mean it. Trust me, it will look amazing on you. Enjoy that little black dress, or splash around in pastels. One thing I will tell you is that redheads are trendsetters, which not many people will admit to. What we wear is going to make people fall in love with it, and they will want to wear the same thing. This can also be said for redheaded men, as well. I don’t have experience with dressing redheaded men, because all the boys in my family have brown hair. However, redheaded men can wear about anything, and dare I contradict myself to say, even silver.

So, don’t dread those holiday parties and think you have nothing to wear. Go for it. I mean it, wear what you will like, because people will talk and tell you that it’s not fair that you can make any color work for you, but not them. You can thank your natural-born gifts for that.

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Rock it like a Redhead!