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Introducing The New Series: “Redheads on the Street”

Catch up on these super interesting street interviews

redhead interview

We love hearing from redheads about their experiences growing up with red hair . That’s why our co-founder’s, Adrienne + Stephanie, decided to hit the streets and talk to redheads around the USA in this new series. Each Thursday you can find the latest episode of “Redheads on the Street” on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Want to catch up on the last few weeks? Check out the redheads interviewed so far, and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday’s for the next interview:

Part 1:

Our first redhead is SJ in NYC! SJ doesn’t plan to dye her hair as she ages and in her own words she intends to “sag and bag”. 

Part 2:

Amanda is a UK-born redhead and was interviewed on the streets of Brooklyn. She explains the difference between having red hair in the US vs. in the UK.

Part 3:

Katie is a redhead teacher that Stephanie + Adrienne talked to in Greenville, SC, and although she got picked on as a kid, she’s learned how to love her red hair

Part 4:

Collin was the only redhead in his school growing up, and the only redhead in his immediate family. When Adrienne + Stephanie caught up with Collin in Brooklyn, he shared that he loves his red hair now.

Part 5:

Sarah chatted with us in NYC, and she shared all about her time growing up as a redhead and pointed out that contrary to popular belief not all redheads are Irish.

Part 6:

Sophia is from London, but she was interviewed on the street in Santa Monica, CA. She choose between redhead icons Ed Sheeran and Prince Harrying described growing up in the UK as a natural redhead.

Part 7 

Amy is originally from North Carolina but was interviewed in Brooklyn. She was lucky enough to have a redhead best friend and will never dye her natural hair.

Part 8 

Stay tuned for more! Rock it like a Redhead! 


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