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6 Ways To Love Your Red Hair and Freckles

Stop hiding and show off you real beauty!

With only one week until National Love Your Red Hair Day, you may be wondering how to love your redhead features or how to love them even more. 

Everyone has their confidence battles and I had a very hard time accepting my freckles. Some redheads have none, some a few, and some redheads have a lot. As a small child, I used to love my freckles. I thought each of them was a free wish. As a teen, however, I began to despise them because I thought I was never going to have an even complexion. Besides, I was constantly hearing the-not-so-funny comments like, “Can I connect the dots?”

In an ideal world, we would all know everyone (including ourselves) is equally valuable and lovable, regardless of the number of freckles, performance at work, and appearance. In reality, however, it is during younger years in school where we experience for the first time that the only popular people are those who wear the right clothes and don’t have anything on their face to comment on, like freckles.

After many years of covering up my freckles, I’ve learned to not only love them but to actually embrace the brown spots all over my forehead, chin, and shoulders. I have some freckles on my eyelids and they actually look like eyeshadow. Cool, right?! If you have freckles, then you know they are part of what makes you, you.

It all starts with self-love. How can we learn to love ourselves? Yes, that is possible. If you’re unsure about how to start showing yourself some redhead love, here are 6 secret ways to love your red hair, freckles, and your other redhead qualities:

1. Treat yourself as your best friend

This is the first, most important, and perhaps the easiest rule in learning to love yourself. Here are some ways to start doing so:

  • If you’re having a bad day, comfort yourself, and don’t push yourself to pull yourself together right away. It’s okay to give yourself time.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up about it. Mistakes happen.
  • If you’re unhappy with yourself, think about your many strengths. Turn your negatives into positives!

2. Communicate like a Warrior Goddess

No one can read your mind. Your environment depends on you communicating on what is going on. Saying no or asking for help in the appropriate tone is not selfish. On the contrary, with clear, honest messages you make it easier for others to deal with you.

If you’re getting made fun of for your red hair, communicate that it is wrong and you won’t stand for it. Over time, you will build up confidence and you will become the woman of your dreams.

3. Do not compare yourself to others

Start by avoiding anyone on Instagram whose posts make you feel uncomfortable, guilty or you start comparing your first to theirs. Many people on social media show only the amazing stuff happening in their lives. Secondly, you are the center of your life and therefore you should learn to take an interest in yourself before you look at others.

4. Celebrate your gingerhood and success

Be proud of yourself and what you do. Patting yourself on the back or celebrating has nothing to do with being conceited or self-absorbed. Everyone needs confirmation and affirmation, even from themselves.

5. Sparkle from the inside out

Find your personal style and dress how YOU feel comfortable.

6. Do something good for yourself

Give yourself a break and take some time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and interests. After all, it’s up to you to treat yourself well. That sometimes includes simply doing what you love to do.

The magic is in you, redhead beauty.

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