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How Madelaine Petsch Embraced Her Red Hair

October is National Bullying Prevention Month & this is such an important life lesson for redheads!

Madelaine Petsch, known for her role as Cheryl on CW’s Riverdale, is on the October cover of Seventeen in a sequined red blazer, matching nail polish, stacked blue and white-winged eyeliner and a pink glossy lip.

In her interview with Seventeen, the 25-year-old actress confided she once considered dyeing her natural red hair brown.

“My mom was like, ‘Please don’t do that,'” Petsch said, and thankfully she followed her mom’s advice. Before her CW days, Petsch grew up with a love-hate relationship with her hair due to bullying, but she’s since learned to embrace her red hair thanks to her role on Riverdale. “I think Cheryl has helped me really love my red hair,” she said. “Finally, my hair and I have a great relationship, and when fans tell me they’re being bullied, I remind them that the things they’re being bullied for now are the things that make them unique. When you get older, those things are going to make you stand out.”

Take a look at the Seventeen photos and social media footage:

What is your redhead story? Were you bullied? Do you love your red hair now? Rock it like a Redhead!

Listen to Episode 6, Season 2 of the How to be a Redhead podcast with CEO of Stomp Out Bullying below:

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