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6 [More] Redhead Friendly Colors for Summer

What color(s) will you wear this summer?

Redheads are always told what colors they should wear. There are so many “rules” like: redheads can’t wear pink. But rather than limiting ourselves, we should focus on adding colors into our lives that make us feel fabulous! Below are some of the hues I’ll be adding to my redhead closet and beauty kit for the summer. Take note that most of these colors play well together and can be worn simultaneously.

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1. Yellow

Yes, beauties, you can rock this gorgeous bright color. Try a yellow sundress in a shade that complements your skin tone (like yellow mustard), or if you prefer, a piece of jewelry to add a hint of color to your outfit.

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2. Teal

Redheads can rock any shade of blue, and this one, in particular, is perfect for summer. The undertones of this mermaid-inspired hue will make your complexion and red hair pop.

3. Coral

Don’t be afraid of this summery shade. It looks gorgeous on all redheads, especially paired with a subtle pink lip and neutral eyeshadows.

4. Purple

Try going bold and experiment with purple. It’s the head-turning color for redheads.

5. Cobalt Blue

Brighter than navy, this shade of blue looks gorgeous on a redhead. Try this bold color on a flowy dress or chic off-the-shoulder top.

6. Fuchsia

Redheads CAN wear pink! This is a shade of pink I love with red hair. A color halfway between red and purple, fuchsia is a memorable shade that’ll definitely make heads turn.

Which shade will you be trying this summer? Comment below!

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