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Pretty – or Not So Pretty – in Pink?

By: Hannah Marr

As redheads, we’re often told that we can and should only wear certain hues to make sure we don’t wash out our pale complexions or clash horrifically with our vibrant hair. The most common thing that I’ve heard redheads are supposed to stay away from is the color pink. But, as a lover of all things bright and fun, pink is one of my favorite colors. So, how can I stay away from such a summery staple? I can’t!

To decide whether or not redheads really belong in pink, I discovered some of my redheaded celebrities in this rosy color. Take a look:

These celebs prove that it’s time to ditch the age-old belief that redheads should steer clear of pink hues. Let’s save the browns and greens for fall and winter and relish our love for pink all summer long.



Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead