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7 Spring Colors To Wear With Your Red Hair

Rock it Like a Redhead This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to play with color in your redhead wardrobe. Many redheads like to wear neutrals to balance out the vibrancy of their hair, but if you’re ready to incorporate some color into your wardrobe, this article is for you. Here are some looks to get you inspired this spring season:

1. Blue

A must-wear color for redheads in the springtime is blue. Blue and orange look amazing together and it will make your red hair pop. For the spring, opt for lighter more dusty shades of blue to compliment your fair skin

2. Yellow

People like to say redheads shouldn’t wear yellow because it will wash them out. We think yellow looks stunning on redheads, especially in the spring. If you’re not a fan of bright yellow, try some softer butter yellows or mustard. 

3. Pink

We love pink with red hair, and there are so many shades to choose from. If you’re feeling bold go for a bright pink, or play up your features with a nice berry pink. Want to keep it low-key? Opt for a pale pink. 

4. Purple

If you’re really looking to make your red hair pop, you have to try wearing purple. We love lighter lavender and lilac purples for spring.

5. Orange

Another color most people think redheads should avoid is orange. Instead of going for something too bright, opt for a pale peachy orange, or a darker burnt orange, or mix your orange with other colors like green and yellow. 

6. Green

One color redheads can’t go wrong with is green. It looks amazing in every shade and really complements our red hair. Choose from emerald, dusty sage, and pale green for a gorgeous springtime look.

7. White

Don’t shy away from wearing white if you’re a redhead. It can feel like a little too much if you have fair skin, but trust us, it looks amazing! Don’t like stark white? Try an off-white or cream or play with fabric texture to mix things up.


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Rock it like a Redhead!