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How to Create An Eco-Friendly ‘Redhead Friendly’ Capsule Wardrobe

Redhead celebrities are embracing this here-to-stay trend and are great inspiration for us all

You don’t need to be a social justice redhead warrior to take part in the sustainable fashion movement. Fast fashion is becoming a thing of the past and this is good news, not only for the environment (and our pockets) but for our mental wellbeing and style resolutions alike. A more conscious and caring tide has begun to flood our Instagram feeds and high street stores. 

The fashion industry has a lot to answer for. Over 20% of global freshwater is polluted from the creation and dying of everyday textiles such as denim and cotton. Fast fashion also often results in unfair working conditions, especially for women and young people in developing countries who are not paid fair working wages or provided with safe working conditions.

Every little bit helps, and if you’re conscious of the environment, but equally as obsessed with your aesthetic, there are also personal benefits in a capsule wardrobe.

Investing solely in key pieces that are guaranteed to give you your #30wears means cutting down on your carbon footprint, and selecting a capsule collection can result in less clutter in your mind, as well as your wardrobe.

Think of it as curation: carefully curating a streamlined wardrobe, consisting only of items that you love and that suit your personal style, means that you can always look and feel your best with minimal effort. 

Here are some key items that will build the base for a perfect ‘Redhead Friendly’ capsule wardrobe, based on functionality, style, and, of course, the perfect color scheme. We are also seeing redhead celebrities embracing this here-to-stay trend and are great inspiration for us all: 

1. Coats

If you’re going to wear it on a daily basis, it’s worth investing in a coat that you really love. If you like to mix colors and styles, go for something classic like a camel-colored trench coat that is elegant and will work with any color scheme. If you’re more of a plain jane or like to dress in many shades of black (guilty myself!), why not choose a daring, bright denim coat that adds color to your everyday look, like this gorgeous red one

2. Statement scarf

Accessories add life to your basics. Bright blue, purple and green always looks amazing or redheads and will brighten up any outfit. Try a contrasting color to your coat ––red vs. purple, black vs hot pink, or blue vs mustard yellow to create a gorgeous palette alongside your auburn locks. 

3. Workwear

Having two pairs of trousers or skirts that you only wear for work creates a personalized uniform. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in, and pair with a rotation of three or four shirts or tops in a palette of pastels or bold colors for effortless style every day, no matter what work meetings, events or the weather might throw at you. Choosing sharp cuts and clean lines means you can still adhere to a strict office dress code, without compensating on color.

4. Jeans

Swap jeans for trousers or skirts if you’re not a fan, but I personally couldn’t live without mine. Black jeans that can be for dressing up to go out and relaxed fit blue jeans to dress down for the weekend. Choose Zara’s Join Life series or H&M conscious collection for long-lasting, eco-friendly denim in stylish cuts.

5. Sweaters

Layers are key to having an adaptable wardrobe all year round. Choosing something comfy but structured means you can look sharp and stylish even when having a lazy day.

6. Shirts

Start with a staple item like a white shirt. Add red lipstick and red hair at night, or a nude lip and messy bun for an effortlessly chic daytime look. 

Like the white shirt, you can’t beat a good t-shirt. If you’re into colors and prints, embrace that and add a splash of color and originality to your wardrobe. If you’re more of a minimalist why not make a statement with something like the MC1R t-shirt (that’s the redhead gene!)

7. Shoes

Shoes make an outfit and often define our personal style – which means we should choose carefully! Realistically, nobody needs more than four pairs – runners, everyday shoes or boots, a good pair of heels for special occasions, and a pair of summer flats or sandals for when the heels inevitably come off. 

8. Dresses

One functional, one fancy – or two that tick both boxes. Dresses handy for throwing in an overnight bag, or looking like you’ve made a lot of effort getting ready without much work involved. Find a shape that suits you, and because you don’t need to coordinate with anything except your shoes, it can be a long, short, bright, plain, or wild as you want. 

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