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8 More Fall Nail Ideas For Redhead Season

Get more nail inspiration for this special season!

You loved the fall nail inspo, so we’re giving you a new list. Here are 8 more trendy fall nail styles perfect for the crisp autumn weather this Redhead Season: 

1. Velvet Nails

Maybe the trendiest of autumn nail styles this year is the velvet nail. This nail art looks soft and textured while being fully flat. The unique design is created with special nail polish and a magnet and we are loving it. It looks gorgeous in both fall and bright colors.

2. Checkered

We’ve seen the checkered pattern be super popular as an accent nail for about a year now. But, this fall people are getting it on all their nails (as well an accent on nails too). This style is especially popular in neutral and fall tones

3. Red

Now you might be thinking, red is classic, not trendy. And you’re right, red is maybe the most classic and timeless nail color — but, right now it’s also trending. This is because there’s a trending theory that men are more attracted to the color red and these nails might help you land a guy. While we do not promote doing anything for the purpose of someone’s affection, we do love red on red. 

4. Marbled

We saw the marbled style be quite popular in spring and now it’s coming back for fall. This marble style in fall colors is a stunning nail look and one that’s a must-try.

5. Brown

Another style that’s been popular for a while is brown tones. From dark chocolate to light creamy latte looks, these shades of brown are everywhere this fall including on everyone’s nails. 

6. Groovy Lines

We all know the 90s are back, but did you know the 70s are trending too? And so are these groovy 70s-inspired nails. They are inspired by the lines and curves of 70s style and art and the 70s colors are perfect for fall. 

7. Pearl Accents

Pearl accents have been super popular this year in hair and clothing, and for anyone wanting a soft, feminine fall look they are trending on nails too. 

8. Rose Water

This soft reddish-pink color we’re calling “rose water” is a very hot trend this year for those who want something neutral with a pop of color.


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