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8 Fall Hairstyle Trends All Redheads Can Rock

#8 is the best trend ever!

If you’re not wanting to cut your red hair this autumn, but want a fresh look, try a new style!

1. Long + Strong

Healthy long hair is in! Celebs and models are growing out their locks (or getting extensions) and it looks gorgeous. 

2. 70’s Inspired

70’s fashion has been big this year and now 70’s hair is in style too, big bouncy hair and flipped out bangs are a big Fall trend.

3. Wispy Curtain Bangs

These effortless wispy bangs are all the rage this Fall. They add a nice framing to the face and we’re here for it.

4. Embracing the Curl

Love your red curls, because embracing the natural curl pattern of your hair is a trend we think is here to stay.

5. Shaggy Hair

From short to long, shaggy cuts have been super popular this year. Additionally, wolf cuts and mullets are making a comeback.

6. Money Pieces

A dye trend we can jump on is money pieces. Lightening the front strips by your face is a cute way to change up your look without losing the red.

7. Bobs and Lobs

Longer hair is in, but so is shorter hair! Bobs and lobs are super stylish and a flattering cut for redheads.

8. Red Hair

Well, this won’t be hard. One of the hottest trends of the fall? RED HAIR! People are going crazy for red hair and we have to say it feels good to be on-trend. 

Rock it like a Redhead!