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The 6 Best Fall Haircut Trends Redheads Should Show Their Stylists ASAP

Looking for a trendy fall cut! You've come to the right place

It’s common for people to want to change up their hair when Redhead Season/fall comes. Autumn is often a time of fresh starts and new beginnings and that translates into the hair world as well. Here are a few hair trends you should try rocking this fall


Everyone seems to be embracing bangs this year. From long, low-maintenance curtain bangs to blunt bangs, having some face-framing fringe is all the rage.

Mullets / Shag

This messy look from the 80s is coming back. Mullets and shag haircuts for both men and women have been super popular this year and we are seeing more of them headed into fall.

Sleek Bobs

Lobs have been popular for some time now, but this year we are seeing more and more celebs rocking cute, short, sleek bobs. It’s the perfect dramatic cut for the autumn season!

Embracing Curls

With a surge of curly hair videos on TikTok, we’ve seen more and more people embracing their natural curls or trying to get their curls back. 

Long Layers

Long face-framing layers are quite popular for those with longer hair. It adds definition and dimension to the hair and is a great cut for this pumpkin-spice-inspired season! 

The Diana

We’ve just passed the 24th anniversary of Princess Di’s death and with the ’90s making a strong comeback, it’s no wonder a lot of people are choosing to rock her signature hairstyle — even redheads! 

Rock it like a Redhead!