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5 Short Hairstyle Mistakes Redheads Can Avoid

Going from long hair to short hair? Don't make these mistakes:

If you’re new to having short red hair, you might find it hard to style or find it just not looking the same as it did when you left the salon. Styling any new haircut takes time, but there are some short hairstyle mistakes you might be making. 

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Mistake #1: Picking a style you can’t manage

Short hair might feel low maintenance, but oftentimes it isn’t. Talk with your stylist about how much maintenance your cut will need before you get it. Some styles need blow-drying, straightening, or a lot of styling time each day. If you aren’t willing to put in the time, you might get frustrated with your haircut. 

Mistake #2: Exposing your red hair to too much heat

The shorter your hair, the more noticeable heat damage will be. Make sure to always use heat protection, keep the temp low and skip the hot tools whenever you’re able.

Mistake #3: Using too much product 

Short hair means you need way less product. Using too much product can leave your hair oily, weighed down, or just dirty. Start out with just a little and add more as you go to avoid having to do a wash reset on your hair because you added too much. 

Mistake #4: Trying to use the same tools 

The hot tools, combs, and brushes you used on your long hair might not work on short hair, and using them could mean you struggle to get the style you’re looking for. Opt for tools made for shorter hair, or ask your stylist if you’re not sure what to use.

Mistake #5: Wearing it natural when it’s not cut for that

Not all short haircuts can be worn naturally and look good. If you don’t have time to style it, try wearing a hat or a hair scarf instead of getting frustrated it doesn’t look like your longer hair did in its natural state.

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