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How Redheads Can Maintain and Rock Bangs

Keep up the maintenance and you'll learn to love your bangs

Having bangs is super fun until you realize they require more upkeep and maintenance than your regular hair. Don’t let that keep you from getting bangs though! Here are a few tips on how redheads can maintain your bangs so they always look great. 

Get your bangs on a wash schedule 

Since bangs hang in your face and they can get oily or dirty looking before the rest of your hair. Instead of wasting time washing your hair daily, try washing just your bangs if they need a refresh and it’s not a wash day. You can use dry shampoo or pin your hair back and wash just your bangs in the sink. Do a quick blow dry and they will be good as new!

Keep up with bang trims 

If you like your bangs a certain length, make sure you keep up with bang trims. Lots of salons will do free (or really inexpensive) bang trims for their regular clients, so take advantage of that. Never trim your bangs at home.

Reduce use of hot tools

Keep your bangs looking nice by reducing the amount of heat you use on them. When you blow-dry or if you plan to use other hot tools, make sure to apply for heat protection. 

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Invest in rollers

A great way to style your bangs without heat is rollers. They can help give your bangs volume and body while keeping them from being damaged. They can also be put in while you do your makeup or skincare so your bangs are ready to go when you are. Try different sizes until you find the one that works for you. 

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Try new styles

If you like bangs but aren’t loving your current ones, try different styles. Try something like long curtain bangs, micro bangs, or even a parted wispy bang. Just because one style of bang isn’t for you doesn’t mean bangs aren’t for you!

Rock it like a Redhead!