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So, You Want to Get Bangs? Here’s What Redheads Need to Know

Looking to Make a Change in Your Hair?

If you’re looking to change up your red hair, why not try bangs? Bangs look great on all different face shapes and there are lots of styles to choose from. Here’s some bang inspiration for your next haircut:

Curtain bangs

If you’re not totally sold on bangs, try out curtain bangs. They are longer, face-framing pieces that can easily be tucked behind the ear, curled into the rest of your hair, or left out. 

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Wispy bangs

Similar to curtain bangs, wispy bangs aren’t too much of a commitment. They are usually less full and more soft allowing you to either wear them forward or push them back away from the face a bit. 

Full bangs

If you’re ready to rock bangs, a full bang might be for you. These bangs typically end right at the eyebrow and are full enough to cover most of if not all of the forehead. They can be worn straight down or parted slightly. 

Micro bangs

If you already know you love bangs, but want something a little edgier, try a micro bang. This length is cut above the eyebrow giving you teeny tiny bangs while still showing some of your forehead. 

Side bangs

Ultra popular in the 2000s, side bangs are a great way to have bangs without all the commitment. Some longer bangs can even be pushed into side bangs with the right part. 

Curly bangs

It might feel daunting to add bangs to curly hair, but it can help frame the face and give you some added dimension to your hair. Opt for a more shaggy, wispy bang look and you’ll be golden!

Rock it like a Redhead!